Monday, February 28, 2011

Still here

If you remember, I had some spotting (started as pink, then became brownish and finally tapered off) exactly a week ago. After the first beta, I had started feeling a little better, that maybe this was all going to end well. Then yesterday evening, I had another scare. I saw bright red blood, and a clot on the tp. I didn't have any cramps, though.

Needless to say, I freaked out. I cried all evening, not knowing what to do. I had a scheduled beta today, so we decided we'd just have to wait and see. Since there's probably not much to see on the u/s it didn't make sense to go to the ER. After all what would they be able to tell me?

Anyway, I went in for my second beta today, which is 4314. Its been about 5 days since my last beta, so I imagined it should be around 5000. But according to my, "Between 1,200 and 6,000 mIU/ml serum, the hCG usually takes about 72-96 hours to double and above 6,000 mIU/ml, the hCG often takes over four or more days to double." So we are okay, right? I don't know, I am not reassured enough. Once again, the bleeding has tapered off to brownish stuff. I continue not to have any symptoms, which I probably should be glad of. But a harmless symptom just for reassurance would be nice. Also, my progesterone dropped from 24 to 22. Is that normal?

Our first U/S will be next wednesday, March 9th (assuming things will last that long).

My hubby knows what I am going through, even though I don't talk about it much. He said I talk a lot in my sleep now, and keep tossing and turning. He says I have stopped smiling, and have a constant frown on my forehead. I try not to voice my fears too much, but he knows me too well for me to able to hide anything.

I feel like I am standing on a precipice. The only thing that is holding me from falling, is my hubby's reassuring hand. He keeps reminding me that this is only the beginning, that trials and tribulations will continue to cross our path, and that we cannot act like this is the end of the world at the sign of the smallest trouble. Its true, I know I should learn to be calmer. But I just cant get myself to.

Sorry about the jumbled up post. Any words of reassurance that some bleeding is ok will be much appreciated. Thank you all for the messages on my last post. I really appreciate it.


  1. I have heard so many stories of bleeding being the start of a totally normally pregnancy. No cramping is a really good sign, and your betas seem great. Did you feel any reassurance from your doctor?

    Hang in there. I know it is not easy and that you are hyper aware of everything happening in your body - been there, done that! But hearing you talk about your husband I know you will be ok. Whatever happens, when you have someone in your life to hold your hand and journey with you, you will be fine.

    Praying that you get to see a heartbeat next week, and praying for rest and peace while you wait x

  2. I am following the blogs of a couple other ladies who have recently had positive betas and both are/have been spotting and are doing great! I know it is hard, but think positive! Praying for you!

  3. I know it's hard to hang in there when you are afraid. Know that there are so many of us out here praying and hoping with you.


  4. Your numbers are really good so that's very reassuring. I think spotting occurs in something like 30% of women so it's not uncommon. Also, besides sore boobs and increased tiredness, which started yesterday, I still have no real symptoms and I'm not spotting. If the bleeding picks up or you see another clot, I would call the nurse. There might be nothing they can do, but she might have some calming words that will help. Your ultrasound is the day before mine. Can't wait to hear how the visit goes.

  5. I'm sorry this hasn't been the fun and exciting experience you deserve...I can only hope that this week goes by quickly for you and there's nothing but good, healthy news at the end.

    You're husband sounds like a great guy :)

  6. I am so sorry about the bleeding. I know lots of women have had bleeding and still everything worked out fine. Your beta results sound perfect. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. A good friend had spotting for over a month before she realized she was pregnant. I know plenty of others that have had spotting, so I think you're totally in the norm. By the way, my second beta was around 4000.
    Wishing you positive thoughts!!!

  8. Hey hun
    Sorry about the bleeding. But its a great sign that your HCG levels are increasing well! I'm cheerios by the way, from BnB...but I have a blog on blogspot too.

  9. I am so sorry you are going through this. Did your Drs give you any reasurance that things are ok? I am thinking of you have hope everything goes well for you!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog... yes you can post a link to my blog/post.