Friday, October 29, 2010

So touched

Thank you all ICLW commenters. I feel so moved and touched with your overwhelming response. I got some wonderful advice and feedback for my last post.

I do love ICLW :) (thanks Mel!). I've picked a clinic close to our place. There are two REs there. My latest confusion: should I go with the older experienced RE with whom its almost impossible to get an appointment, or should I pick the younger RE who might be easier to get hold of ? Experience vs accessibility?
I have been dragging on calling to book an appointment. I am holding off because a) I am scared, b) Insurance issues - annual deductibles, out of pocket maximum etc, since I can start with costs fresh in Jan.

Might I add - I am always this confused, whether it comes to buying clothes, or picking up a packet of candy. Two things I had no confusion over - my dear hubby, and the immense yearning for a baby. It's just that nature itself is confused if she should give me a baby.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Shame on me

I am such a terrible blogger. I give blogging a bad name. My last blog post was on Sept 23rd, so its been almost a month since I posted anything.

My first and foremost reason is that I procrastinate - a lot! "I'll do it tomorrow" is my favorite excuse. As we all know, tomorrow never comes :) Secondly, not much has been happening to really blog about.

Since we hit the year mark, we went to the OB-Gyn to get started on some tests. My dear hubby got his swimmers checked, and they seem alright (the count is low, but not lower than the prescribed minimum). I had my HSG done two days ago, and the doctor said the tubes looked open. I have to say, I was freaking out about the HSG, but it was not bad after all. And I was so excited to see my uterus and fallopian tubes! After all, how many fertile women have that privilege?

What I am unsure about, is what happens next. The doctor said her office would get in touch with me. I am not very happy with my current doctor. When she came in to do the HSG, I tried asking her about what next. She looked confused, as if she didn't know the details about our case, and gave a vague answer.

I assume we'll just have to wait for a referral to a fertility specialist. How does it all work? I am so lost, because so far the tests were something to look forward to. Now its back to the waiting and wondering what next.

I feel slightly relieved after the tests. But that also means we don't have a specific problem to tackle, and it will be like groping in the dark for a solution to a problem that is not defined. I guess I'll just have to be patient and wait to talk to a specialist.

I wanted to add, even though I don't write any new posts, I religiously read all the new posts that come up on my blog roll (and have been trying to comment as well). I know a number of people are currently in the middle of their IVF cycles. Lots of luck to them, and to everyone else who are at some stage of trying to make that wonderful dream a reality.