Saturday, March 5, 2011

Community support

I wanted to share a blog post by a fellow blogger who has linked to a Today show segment about the importance of a support group while going through IF.  I was very touched by her own experiences with the NYC Resolve Peer Lead Support Group.

I myself have never been part of a similar group. However, I have received so much support from all of you out in the blog world, that I can only imagine how wonderful it must be, to actually be able to hold hands, share ones feelings, and be understood without being judged.

I hope we each find our own form of support during what will probably be one of the stormiest times of each of our lives.



  1. I agree. I wish there were more of these around. But at least we have the blogging community. Hope you are well!

  2. I went to a resolve support group and it was amazing. It is a bit of a drive though and I haven't been able to attend again. Instead I am trying to start a group closer to home. Wish me luck!