Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sugar woes

I went in for my one hour glucose tolerance test (GTT) around 29 weeks. The sugary drink (orange flavor for me!) was not as bad as I expected, but the results of the test were. My levels after one hour were at 150, while the doctors require a value of 130 or less. I attributed this to the croissant I ate for breakfast before the test, and decided that I would ace the 3 hour glucose tolerance test.
Next week I went in for my 3 hour test. I was very nervous about fasting for 12 hrs, but I managed to fast that long without much trouble. The 3 hour test is no fun at all. You sit there like an idiot for 3 hrs, and get poked on alternate arms every hour or so. And the drink they give is far worse because it has double the amount of glucose. Thankfully, my veins are easy to find, so the poking was not bad, and I didn't feel sick or uncomfortable like a lot of people experience.

I got a call 2 days later from the doctor's office and they said that all levels except my one hour levels were normal. So my 1 hr levels were at 192 (normal is 180 or less) while the other levels were well below normal. They said I should go meet a dietician. I tried asking them what this meant, how important it is to meet the dietician etc, but the lady had no clue. In fact, she gave me the levels only after I asked her for it.  Of course then I frantically googled, but alas, google could not give me any specific answers.

I decided I didn't want to meet the dietician. I'd try to restrict my sugar levels on my own. I confirmed with the doctor that I didn't need to be monitored. She said I would be fine on my own, if I could restrict my diet.

So here we are, off brownies and sweets and chocolates and icecreams. All the stuff I love! Wasn't pregnancy supposed to be the time when you eat what you want without worrying about weight gain? Wasn't this when I could indulge? Thankfully its only another 8 wks or less of low sugar diet, so I think I'll survive. I do still eat rice (which is our staple) but in lesser quantities. I switched from white bread to wheat bread, and keep an eye on how much I hog. I am not sure if this is helping, we'll just have to wait and see when the little one arrives. As far as weight gain goes, I think I am ok, because I gained about 15 lbs by 30 wks.

So far, the one thing I missed during this pregnancy was sex. Yes I know, you ask me why? Because my hubby is scared he'll do something to the baby. Also, I am so sore downstairs that I really don't mind either. Now I can add sweets to the list of things I miss.

Any suggestions about what I can eat and should not? Any one else had glucose intolerance as opposed to GD?

Last but not the least, I am approaching 32 wks and freaking out! More on that later. All in all, I feel great - no tiredness, just minor symptoms that are not too bothersome on and off.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Long overdue

Once again, I have been missing in action. Updates from me are long overdue, and I am really sorry I've been so lazy about blogging. I have been reading and commenting on all your blog updates, its just that I haven't sat down to put all my thoughts into words.

Firstly, I still feel a little awkward blogging about my pregnancy. It still seems surreal, and I keep hoping I am not offending those still waiting for their much deserved two pink likes.  Secondly, I have been really busy at work. And you guessed right, I do write blog posts during lunch breaks at work. And lunch breaks have been really short.

On to updates, I am finally in the third trimester! I can't believe I am actually here! Things seem to be going well so far with the pregnancy. People have finally been noticing the baby bump and asking me when I am due. Till about 20 weeks, I just looked round and the bump looked more like rolls of fat. It seems like my bump is not all that big to begin with, and I started showing quite late. Does that mean little pumpkin is on the smaller side? I know I was a very small baby when I was born, so I have a feeling our princess is going to be on the smaller side as well. Which might work out to my advantage at the time of delivery!

I have been feeling fine so far. It is a little more difficult to sleep at night. I am a continuous and heavy sleeper, but now I wake up a lot more often at night. Its probably just a training session for all the sleepless nights ahead of us. Other symptoms include occasional nosebleeds. But over all I feel quite normal.

My favorite part of being pregnant has been feeling the baby move. I started feeling actual movements (and not just flutters and gas bubbles) only after 20 weeks. But since then, I can feel her move regularly. My favorite pastime is to watch my belly move around. When I am at work, I try to feel her movements (making sure no one is around) because I don't want to miss any of it. The next three months will fly by, and who knows when and if I'll get to feel another baby moving in there in the future. So I want to make the most of these kicks and pokes. I have also felt what might most likely be hiccups - repeated small movements. I try to imagine what she is upto inside, and it always brings a smile to my face.

I will try and add other updates in my next post, I don't want to jam all my thoughts into one long post! That is assuming I stop procrastinating and actually write another post.

Last, but not the least, a shout out to all of you who had babies in the past few weeks. Whether it was IVF, or IUI, or a miracle pregnancy, you have all come a long way to holding your little ones, and I know you will be an inspiration to those still struggling. And a bigger shout out to those currently undergoing cycles, or pursuing adoption - know that the beautiful day when you hold your little one in your arms is not far away.