Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where have you been?

Still very much here, and still growing a little one. I realize I have just one post for April. Its May already. As usual, a lot of posts have been brewing, but haven't had a chance to post.

We are finally in the second trimester. I continue to be anxious and a little fearful, but I am trying to squish those thoughts and trying to be positive. We have started telling friends and extended family. Other than the spotting, the first tri went really well, since I had no sickness. I feel fortunate and blessed, and am hoping things continue well.

Here are some of the responses I got to our announcement and my replies. My true thoughts are in parantheses.

1. So what made you change your mind finally? Ans: Oh you know, we thought it was time. (What I really would have liked to say: Let's see, we made up our minds a year and a half ago, but life decided to change its mind and give us a chance only now)

2. So do you think you are ready? Ans: Yes we think so. (We have been ready for so long, we had forgotten what we were ready for. So its a whole new process of getting ready again, because really, we had lost track).

3. Oh yes, I was wondering what became of that. Since you have been at it for so long. Ans: Yes, we didn't think it was necessary to hurry, so we took it easy. (Every failed month is brandished in my brain, every tear I shed, every jealous thought I had has taken its toll on us, but you wouldn't want to hear about that, would you?).

4. Finally! So did you have to take any treatments? Ans: No. (Yes, we went through umpteen tests. Then I had the nurse insert my DH's washed sperm up the lady, since we like to be different and all).

Of course, I got lots of positive reactions too. I reiterate, this journey has made me realize who our real friends are. It has been wonderful telling friends, although I keep praying at the same time that I am not jinxing anything.

That's it from me, until my next post in ohh....a month :)