Thursday, September 29, 2011

Almost 36!

I can't believe I am almost 36 weeks! Things have been going smoothly so far and fortunately I have no major discomforts.

I do have a few of the common third trimester complaints (but I don't like to call it a complaint because I am not complaining!). Sleep is not as perfect as it used to be. I am the kind of person who can sleep sitting down if you ask me to - any time any where. I can sleep in the evenings, then again sleep through the night. My husband used to be soo jealous that I could fall asleep anywhere. Not anymore though. Falling asleep after getting up to pee can be difficult. Also, the nose congestion doesn't help either. The funniest thing is when I have to turn in bed. So I sleep on one side, and when I have to turn, I have to sit up in bed, and then turn to the other side. I can't just roll over like earlier. All this will hopefully prepare me for the many sleepless nights ahead.

Then there is the pressure "down there". When I sit in a place for too long, and then get up, I can barely walk, and I have to literally waddle because all the muscles seem tight, and there is this feeling of pressure. It usually goes away after I waddle around a bit. I have always wondered why pregnant women waddle - now I know!!

The general consensus seems to be that my bump is on the smaller side. And I think that's ok, because it doesn't come in the way much. I have friends who became huge, and they had so much difficulty just getting up from the couch. The doctor says the baby is measuring right on track, which is all that I care about. As for weight gain, I think I am on the lower end, because I had gained about 18 lbs at 35 weeks. Again, the doc said it wasn't of any concern. My appetite has not increased significantly, and thanks to my glucose levels, I can't binge on sugar either. Maybe all this will help shed the weight later?

I have so many other things to discuss, but with work, I barely have time to blog. Kindly note - I have been commenting without fail! I have three more weeks of work before maternity leave starts. I start my maternity a week before my due date. The whole "maternity leave in the US sucks" deserves a brand new post that I hope to come around to some time.

I know a few bloggers who are cycling - and have just had their transfer, or will be transferring soon. Wishing you loads of luck. Can't wait to hear about your BFPs!