Monday, May 20, 2013

Surprise surprise

I can't believe I am writing this post. I am currently in India, blogging at 5 in the morning because I just can't go back to sleep.

I was due for AF last week. I was late. I waited for a couple of days because I figured all the time change and travel must have messed up my cycle. But 4 days is really late for me. Yup, BFP. I am in awe. You know the stories you hear about "we did it once and it just happened"?  Well, here I am. I must be around 5 weeks now. We haven't told anyone, because I am nervous everyone will try to talk us out of taking the transatlantic flight back. Its super early to say anything. We haven't even seen the heart beat.

This time around, everything is so so different. I was nervous just telling hubby about the positive, because I didn't know how he would react. Of course he would be happy, and he was, but he is too practical to enjoy such moments without bringing up some practical aspect. I am so so scared of the thought that if all goes well, I will be handling a toddler and a newborn in a few months. I worry that Ava will miss out on all the attention she deserves once baby # 2 arrives. After all, she is still a baby.

I am also so so thankful that this happened. That we are witnesses to another miracle. That I have a "sesame seed" growing in my belly. That we can give Ava the gift of a sibling.

For those of you with two little ones under 2, how do you handle it?

Last but not the least, never ever travel a long haul flight with a squirmy toddler in your lap. Always always get a seat for the toddler. Even if it means spending another 1500 $.


  1. Congrats!! This,is amazing for you! Mine are 2.5 years apart and it has tough moments, but they are so cute together. Just like getting used,to having one, everything works itself out and you get into a routine. Keep us updated!

  2. Wow! Congratulations! In just a few weeks i still have 2 under 2 and is be lying if i said i wasn't worried! So happy for you and sending many good thoughts your way!
    Sorry for typos on my phone...

  3. Thrilled for you!!! Hoping it is a sticky one - and I am sure that life with 2 under 2 will be busy but you are a great mama and it will become your new normal - you will do just fine :)

  4. Congratulations!!! Its some kind of miracle isnt it to get a spontaneous BFP after previous infertility? We are in the same situation, though IVF never worked at all for us. Kind of hard to believe isnt it? He he. Exciting though xxx

  5. What? This amazing! I think 2 years is a good spread. My SIL had them 18 months apart. She told me everyone told her the first year or two is incredibly hard but after that it's really great. I have heard that from other parents of kids so close as well. I am so happy for you.

  6. The exact thing happened to us. IVF for our first, suprise second baby when my daughter turned 1 year old. They are 20 months apart and my older daughter loves her baby brother. Two under two is busy, I feel like all I do is clean up shit, but I feel so lucky for my beautiful family. Only a few times has she been jealous. The mommy guilt is a whole other story, making sure everyone gets enough attention, love, etc. Our poor doggy is feeling a bit left out though. Good luck and hope you have an easy pregnancy!