Friday, November 19, 2010

Florida calling

We are off on a week long vacation to the beautiful beaches of Florida!! We are traveling with two other couples who don't have kids either (so yayy for that).

Although I can never let go of all the thoughts that whirl through my mind 24/7, I plan to have a good time and relax as much as my mind will allow me to.

I am in my two week wait, but I have decided a drink here or there will not matter. After all, what are the chances that I may actually be pregnant? Probably 2 - 4 %. I am willing to take that risk.

I will of course, continue to stare at the toilet paper, and inspect my boobs. But that is secondary nature to me now, you can't let go of these things quickly. My co-worker said that the best thing about not having kids is that you can drop everything and leave on a vacation just like that. I do agree with her. However, I hope that next thanksgiving, I will not be able to go on a vacation because I'll be too busy caring for my new born! I come!!


  1. Hope you have a great break and heres to a some good news for when you get back!!!

  2. Have a wonderful time. My hubby is from Florida and I love it. I agree that vacations are one of those "appreciate this stage of your life" things like sleeping late and microwave popcorn for dinner. We enjoy it even as we are ready for those things to become fond memories.

  3. I am a big fan of vacations, especially when you are dealing with infertility! Sometimes you really do need a change of locale to distract you enough from what is happening on the inside to give you a break. I will be crossing my fingers that your 2WW ends well!

  4. Have a great time!! PS - I gave you a blog award so you'll have to check it out when you are back!

  5. Drink it up! It doesn't matter this early anyway ;)

    Hope you have a good time. Thank you for the post on my blog! I look forward to following your journey here.

  6. I am also in my 2ww and had a glass of wine with christmas dinner. It was nice and I appreciated it more than I normally would. I am glad that you had a nice vacation!