Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy second birthday baby girl

My little one turned 2 today. 2 years since she entered our life. And boy what an entry that was. Its easier to think back about her birth now. Not as many tears. I just try to focus on the joy she has bought into our lives. Her surgery scars seem such an integral part of her now - another ECMO mom calls it angel kisses. Yup, that's where the angels touched her, so she could continue to brighten this world. 2 years and I never got around to writing my birth story. Talk about procrastination.

We have a small birthday party planned for her. I started with really small, and now my small has turned into more than 20 people (kids and adults). We'll see how that goes.

I am 28 weeks along now. I wrote in my last post that I feel perfectly normal. And karma did come back to bite me! Third trimester has hit me like a ton of bricks. I feel so so tired all the time. Like I want to sleep all day. Which is impossible when you have a toddler. Its like I am dragging myself around just trying to get by. I don't remember feeling this tired with my first. Maybe I am older? Maybe its because running after a toddler adds to the work. I also feel like this baby is so much lower. I can literally feel hiccups in my crotch. I can almost feel her sitting on my rectum!! I know, TMI. There's time I stand up mid-pee 'cause it feels like she may fall out.

Last, but not the least, I just bought the home study course of Hypnobabies. Once I receive it, hopefully I will put enough effort into it to reap its benefits at the time of labor. Somehow I have a feeling another pitocin delivery is on the cards, and I want to be prepared for those contractions from hell.

Hypnobabies plus a doula = hopefully an uncomplicated unmedicated birth. Here's hoping.


  1. Time really does fly! Happy second birthday to your little one!!
    So glad to hear this pregnancy is going well, praying four a better birth story this time around for you.

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! I hope things ease up for you these last few weeks and that the Hypnobabies brings you a lot of help. I've heard great things about it.

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  4. Happy birthday to your little angel.