Friday, October 19, 2012

Almost a toddler

Where did the year go? My baby is almost a toddler. I have always found statements like "they grow up too fast" very cliche. But now I truly know what that means. One day they are tiny little things all warm and content in your arms, the next day they are off exploring the world around them. My baby girl will be 1 in a little over two weeks!

I may have said this before, but the first month when she was in the hospital felt like a year, but after that. time just flew. It has also been almost a year since I left work. I started my maternity leave a year ago, but once we knew of her complications, I decided to quit and stay home with her. We can't have her get sick again. We don't know how badly a seemingly harmless flu could affect her. She has had stronger antibiotics and more medicines than most people have in a lifetime.

I am so happy I took the decision to stay home with her. Its been a fun first year. And I was fortunate to have been right there for every one of her major milestones. But as much as I loved this time home with her, I hope to start looking for work again some time next year. As young babies, they need you so much more. But now that she is getting more independent, I have a hard time keeping her busy and engaged.

I may be biased, but baby girl has been a very easy child so far. She has always slept very well. She has never been too fussy, and is pretty happy and content most of the time. She is a very cautious person, and approaches new toys and situations very carefully. Although she did have some stranger anxiety at first, she loves people now. She loves going out and meeting new people. However, she is wary of men, and prefers the company of women and children. Oh and she has no teeth yet! Not one! My mom said I got my first teeth at 14 months, so she probably takes after me. But that hasn't stopped her from gumming everything from pasta to beans, tortillas and chicken.

We have no big plans for a first birthday. The thought of her birthday brings mixed emotions in me. I am excited and happy, yet it brings back all the horrible memories of Nov 2011. I have read that moms of preemies have very similar emotions about first birthdays. I hope I am able to put it away, and make it a special day from baby brave warrior, my hero, my miracle. We love you so much.


  1. Hooray for 1 year! You are fortunate to have been able to stay home - getting to see those milestones yourself makes it worth it (at least it has for me!)
    Hope her birthday brings much joy and less anxiety from those memories!

  2. Happy almost first birthday! What an incredible first year she's had (and you too). Whatever you plan, the day will be very special. Wishing you all the best! -Toni