Monday, September 3, 2012

Good bye Pump

Dear Ameda elite,

Thank you for being my constant companion the last 10 months, whether I liked it or not. You gave me company on many a long nights, when I had to sit and pump, while my child and hubby slept. We always had a love-hate relationship. As much as I hated you, I am still glad that with your help, I was able to give my baby breast milk for 10 months. But now that you are leaving, I am not going to miss you at all. I will be glad to get back the time that I once spent hooked to you, for something more useful - such as sleeping, or typing an email with two hands instead of one, or browsing using both hands. No more pumping, no more constant washing of pump parts. Although weaning has been more emotional than I imagined, I will try to take pride in having made it this far, and push away the guilt that I could have continued for just 2 more months to make it to a year. Good bye.


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  1. I'm sorry you have to wean, but girl, you are amazing pumping for 10 months, especially given the start you had. It's nothing short of incredible. To you and your breast pump, job well done. -Toni