Friday, October 29, 2010

So touched

Thank you all ICLW commenters. I feel so moved and touched with your overwhelming response. I got some wonderful advice and feedback for my last post.

I do love ICLW :) (thanks Mel!). I've picked a clinic close to our place. There are two REs there. My latest confusion: should I go with the older experienced RE with whom its almost impossible to get an appointment, or should I pick the younger RE who might be easier to get hold of ? Experience vs accessibility?
I have been dragging on calling to book an appointment. I am holding off because a) I am scared, b) Insurance issues - annual deductibles, out of pocket maximum etc, since I can start with costs fresh in Jan.

Might I add - I am always this confused, whether it comes to buying clothes, or picking up a packet of candy. Two things I had no confusion over - my dear hubby, and the immense yearning for a baby. It's just that nature itself is confused if she should give me a baby.


  1. Hi Keya,
    Does the clinic have a websote with photos of the RE? You may get a feel for which one just by looking at them? You could also find out whether, as a clinic, they discuss their case between the two. That way, you could go with the younger RE but get the benefit of knowing your case is discussed between them.
    Good luck x

  2. Have you had a chance to meet with both REs? If so, I would go w/whoever you "gel" best with. I'm guessing that should you want, the REs would discuss your case with each other since they are at the same clinic.

    Glad you found so much support!

  3. I love Mel and all her community projects too - it is incredible that this community exists. Really incredible!

    Thanks for all of your recent comments on my blog too!

    Choosing an RE was really hard for us too. Good Luck!

  4. It's okay to be confused. For many of us, choosing an RE is a bigger deal than any other doctor-choosing we've ever done. I did some asking around for my dermatologist and gynecologist, but this is the biggest medical issue I've faced. I switched from a more experienced RE to a less experienced one based on bedside manner and creativity. I say meet with the one you can get an appointment with sooner so you can get started on any additional testing sooner. If you don't get a right feeling or if that RE seems inexperienced then you can switch.

  5. I agree with the other comments that seeing an RE sooner than later is important so you can continue testing and getting a gameplan. I also agree about asking additional questions about how the 2 RE's work together. My practice also has 2 RE's and I typically see my RE; however, if my doc is on vacation, the other RE fills in and the 2 RE's switch off who is on call on weekends. I have the same situation where there is an older and a younger RE in my practice. My doc is the older one, which in general I love that he has so much expereince. However, I do have to say that the younger doc is more "cutting edge" and "current" and infertility treatment changes really rapidly, so the combo of the 2 of them is very helpful. I think it really comes down to which one you feel most comfortable with - my doc has more bedside manner and takes time to explain, which is something really important to me. I totally understand you being scared to take this next step. For me, I think it was my way of feeling like I was somehow admitting failure and that i needed help to do something that should be natural. But, after I went to the RE, I was so glad because they have the same goal you do - to get you pregnant! So, point is - a consult can't hurt and an RE is going to be able to help so much more than an OB/GYN. Good luck girly!! Sending you lots of positive thoughts!
    PS - Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!